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My story.

Updated: May 4, 2023

How I got here.

Our human experience on this planet is just such a beautiful journey.

'Life takes its course

Like the river's force

As challenging as it may

To more out of its way

Creating another sheam

A little stream of beam

Adventures to moan

I can't call my own

Designed by a drop of mystory

In infinite mystery'

- Thoughts written on May 6th, 2022


One of the best awakening is 'ungratefulness' transcendence.

I don't know when my journey really began but I can tell you when I became the pupil of the universe committed towards the growth of my consciousness in this lifetime on this planet.

Nature has an interesting way of communicating with us. Blessings can come in many forms, and in my case, they came by being born in a free-minded multi-cultural family and environment. My mother being South Korean, my father Lebanese, two complete different individuals with complete different kind of backgrounds and upbringings, gave birth to me in Tehran in 1977, right before the Iranian revolution. Quite a beginning by itself.

I was brought up as an expat in different continents, living mostly in Iran, and attending different schools with diplomat and other privileged children, but I was in parallel also exposed to all sorts of different backgrounds of people outside my school. Most interestingly, I navigated a hell of an interesting roller coaster of a life, moving from highs to lows and vice versa, in midsts of political melt-downs, wars and different forms of instabilities.

Then met my ex-husband, moved to the United Arab Emirates where I worked in the luxury industry in Dubai.

In 2011, while I struggled with my physical and emotional health that had both been slowly deteriorating over time, I gave birth to the most wonderful human in my life, my daughter.

The dis-ease I mostly struggled with was the Ménière's syndrome and it was what threw me on my path of self-discovery.

I did years of work on myself and researches, to manage the syndromes so I could have a normal life and have the energy I want to enjoy my daughter. As I managed to gain back a 'normal' life, I embarked on my journey of healing. Furthermore, I wanted to help others, showing them how easy it is to find our answers just within! and so I became a holistic health coach and hypnotherapy practitioner.

This is my life in few sentences and so here I am today, at your service.

In this journal, I'd love to have the privilege to openly share with you my thoughts, my joy, my struggles, my love for life and my learnings. Thank you for being here.

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