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My Services

My support comes in various forms and tailored as per your unique needs. I help you strengthen and redefine your relationship with the self.


Become unapologetically the person you are from within, reflected to your outer world, your body, your environment and relationships. Release all blockages and adopt an empowered mindset through reprogramming of the mind, to reach any goal you wish and to live and thrive the life you are meant to live. 


I use Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Mindset work, Accountability Partnership and Nutrition and Self-relationship Holistic Coaching approaches to envelop a 360 degree self-development work which includes every angle of the unique you.
There is no formula that can be copied and pasted for another. We each have a unique body, purpose and unique needs.

I first have to do my own intuitive detective work based on your health history during our 20 minute free introductory session, to understand the issue or issues you struggle with, whether it is health, goal achievement, relationship or lifestyle related, in order to assess the different blockages in your life, body and mind. Then, I can tell you exactly how I can help and support you to realign yourself towards living the life you are meant to thrive in.

Since every program is tailor made to each individual's unique needs, it takes me tremendous time to prepare my programs and I honor your time and mine, therefore it is important that you would be ready to take on this journey into a world of abundance in every possible way with the right first step. Therefore, I only take clients who have truly decided to cross that bridge of change, and for me to determine that, the next step is when one of my team members would be contacting you to ask you just a few questions to understand your readiness for my programs.

What you think and what you believe literally changes your body chemistry. So be ready to do a lot of mindset work! no matter what you came for.

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