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Napa cabbage the super folate cabbage

Napa cabbage the super folate cabbage

I just have too many favorite vegetables but from the cabbage family, napa cabbage is my top one just because it is the main ingredient for kimchi, a Korean fermented pickle that has gained worldwide popularity due to its immunity boosting nutrients and its anti-carcinogenic properties.

We even have an international Kimchi day! November 22, 4 days before my birthday. Go figure! couldn't be better now that Kimchi is Sagittarius like myself! haha, just kidding of course.

Napa cabbage is the most common variety of the subspecies of Pekinensis, with a scientific name 'brassica rapa'.

Trending now, chefs across the world are applying their culinary creativity to napa cabbage and developing unique dishes.

This low calorie vegetable is full of nutrients. in 1 cup:

- Vitamin B9 (11.75% DV)

- Additional B vitamins:

. riboflavin

. pantothenic acid

. thiamin

- vitamin C

- vitamin K

- copper (11.67& DV)

- iron (10.13% DV)

- calcium (8% DV)

- manganese (9.61% DV)

- additional antioxidants:

. lutein

. sulfaoraphane

. thiocyanates

. zeaxanthin

- dietary fiber

Napa cabbage can be eaten raw in salads and cooked. It is high in water content and takes on a sweet and juicy flavor when cooked, picking up other flavors from the food it's cooked with. Since it softens as well, it's frequently added to stir-fries and soups in the last stages of cooking.

But one of the most popular ways is the Korean pickled napa cabbage known as Kimchi.

You can soon have the recipe of my addictive signature napa cabbage salad in my cookbook in collaboration with my sister Nathalie Daou.

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