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Danielle Daou, The High Healer

Happiness through self-relationship

Heal and connect with your body
Program your mind for success
Maintain a sustainable nutrition
Find equilibrium in all areas of your life
 a combination of Hypnotherapy and Health Coaching

- Danielle Daou

Your Body is your Temple @TheHighHealer
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Nutrition with Danielle Daou, The High Healer

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Nutrition & Lifestyle
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Healthy Living | Living with ménière's disease | Blog

Rapid Transformational Therapy
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Ménière's Disease


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Healthy Living | Living with ménière's disease | Editorial Contribution



RTT session with Danielle was life changing. She has an extremely kind demeanor. Just the sound of her voice makes you comfortable to open up. She was very prompt with emails pre and post session . All my queries were answered to satisfaction which enhanced the overall experience. While we worked predominantly on my self confidence , I didn’t expect it to open my energy pathways  in a way that I would see a sudden spurt in my consulting work. Which in turn made me feel more confident. I could also feel a reduction in my anxiety and that did make a big difference in my personal and professional life . I have recommended her to friends since my session and heard similar feedback from them. So lucky our paths crossed. Thank you from my bottom of my heart 

Ruby Ramprasad

I seeked Danielle in a time of desperation, after I tried everything that i know but nothing helped, my anxiety was too high I was having panic attacks, and wasn't able to do anything that should be done, I did the session not expecting anything from it but after it ended i was feeling amazing my anxiety levels decreased tremendously.

And yeah it's work and business at the end but was touching is how Danielle felt how much I was not okay and how human she was with her work and looked at me as a human not a business deal.

Jana G

I was pregnant when I met Danielle. When you're expecting a baby you want to make this world a joyful experience for her (or him). At the same time you may start to doubt everything.

I had a strong fear of pain and all medical staff. It was completely unexplainable, I just usually fainted in view of blood or needles, etc. Needless to say, it's not the best attitude before baby delivery.

During the session with Danielle we walked through  all the issues from my childhood. Danielle carefully reframed the past imprints... and Magic! I had all the medical appointments, analyses and delivery going easy. No fainting, no nausea. And my (first) baby born in 20 minutes of labour.

Thank you Danielle for your support!

Tania Postil

'This woman has changed my life! and I'll always be grateful for it.

Danielle is an amazing coach who listens thoroughly and understands exactly what I want out of the sessions.

I felt very safe addressing any topic in mind and her gentle approach made all the difference.

These sessions have changed my life and made me invincible.'

Jana Abu Chakra

I have taken only 1 RTT session with Danielle to heal a very deep rooted trauma and belief related to a family member. something seemingly regular in families yet as a child iy had deeply impacted me and my life later on.

We decided to focus on that one thing during the RTT session, and Danielle also being a friend and peer in the coaching industry, I trusted her blindly to go in-depth into something deeply personal.

Danielle's energy was beautiful, peaceful and deeply compassionate.

I highly recommend not only RTT, but Danielle to be your guide and healer in this journey. She is both generous and practical which is a combination for achieving goals and tapping into areas that need healing.

M. B.



I have been working with Danielle for three years now. I had unhealthy patterns of romantic relationships and I attracted broken men who drained my energy. With Danielle's help and her expertise in RTT, I reprogrammed my subconscious and started to be my authentic self. Her high healer's work speaks through your success. Within two weeks, lower frequencies of energies were not part of me. She is the best energy and relationship healer who puts you first more than anything else. Know your value and vibrate at the high level to attract the man who is lucky to adore and cherish you. I truly recommend her offering specially RTT and private counseling in finding your power, beauty, and confidence within.



'I felt amazing, actually after the session my body felt so much lighter, I've been enjoying experiencing this new feeling of liberation. Something amazing happened last night, the memory of the trauma was trying to find its way and with no effort by the technique you taught me.'


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