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Breathing Meditation - Sudarshan Kriya®

My healing through meditation

Breathing Meditation - Sudarshan Kriya®

The meditation I practice, Sudarshan Kriya®, has helped me get out of my depression, find clarity of thought, become a stronger person through aligning my mind, soul and body, keeping me centered and calm, shedding all unwanted emotions, channeling and increasing my focus in areas in my life serving my growth and improving my concentration.

After just a few months of consistent daily practice, these were the first benefits. After a couple of years, I began receiving mindful and precious downloads filled with messages of wisdom. I now keep a notebook next to me and take a few moments in silence after my meditation, to write down any thought that comes to me.

So many times after I read these thoughts I am in amazement.

I found Sudarshan Kriya®, a yogic breathing method, through a dear neighbor and friend, who is a yoga and Kriya teacher and works for the 'Art of Living' foundation. The Art of Living foundation aims to relieve individual stress, social problems and violence. It is a non-profit foundation that recognizes human identity beyond the boundaries of gender, race, nationality, and religion.

Founded by the Indian Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who has received some of the highest awards for his humanity services, he is a guru I admire and has been part of my spiritual growth. One of Gurudev’s unique contributions to the process of self‐development is the Sudarshan Kriya®, the powerful breathing based technique that is the core component of the Art of Living courses.

Sudarshan Kriya® facilitates physical, mental, emotional and social well‐being. It incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath, harmonizing the body, mind and emotions.
This Kriya elevates the prana, the vital life-force energy, by flushing out more than 90% toxins and accumulated stress, everyday.

'Meditation is the journey from movement to stillness, sound to silence.' - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

In order to learn Sudarshan Kriya®, I did a five consecutive day course where I was supposed to be on a vegetarian diet during the course.

The outcome of the course was intriguing and overwhelming

You must really want to be open, believe in having a spiritual path and do these courses with an open heart. Few people gave up after a couple of days, only the sincere ones remained. On my third day, I couldn't stop my tears from pouring like rain. All my negative emotions were being let out. I still can't forget this day, I had gone through the process of a deep energy cleanse.

I have recommended Sudarshan Kriya® to many of my clients and people I know who suffered from depression or who wanted to practice a meditation that resonates with them without being guided the whole time. It is worth the try. The Foundation has a center in almost all countries, you can find all information on their website: and run meditation courses all year long.

Air is the source of life, we breathe 'life' into our bodies, prana. Prana is the very basis of health and well-being for both the body and mind. When the prana is high, one feels healthy, alert and energetic.

The more I go forward in my journey, the more I am convinced by the simple fact that breathing is the key to life itself, thus happiness. When we smell a nice fragrance while passing from a tree, we immediately take a deep breath in, when we are angry we take short and rapid breaths in, when we are relieved we take a deep long breath... Isn't this enough as a sign of how we can direct the flow of our happiness and feelings through being more mindful of our breath?

There are various breathing exercises proven to be efficient for your mind and body. To know which meditation would suit you best, I’d recommend you learn about a few that you find interesting, practice it for a few weeks, then you will instantly know which resonates with your soul and body right away.


I wish you abundance of health, peace, joy and love

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