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Moringa Oleifera

Moringa comes from the malunggay tree, which grows in the tropics and a few other subtropical environments. The leaves have a mild, slightly bitter flavor. Also referred to as the miracle tree (also ben oil tree, horseradish tree or drumstick tree)


I got to know this tree’s benefits from my daughter’s nanny from the Philippines. She used to cook it in a stew called tinola which you can find the vegan alternative on my recipe page.


Interestingly, I then learned that I could find this precious tree in random places around the area I live in Dubai! How blessed.


How to use moringa:

In the form of powder -> you can add to smoothies or pancakes

In the form of leaves -> cooked as stew or added to soup (just needs a few min boil, so always add towards end so it doesn’t lose all its properties)



🍃 helps with digestion and treat upset stomach (contains antibacterial properties and Vitamin B)

🍃 strengthens bones (contains calcium and phosphorous)

🍃 helps to treat arthritis and damaged bones (is highly anti-inflammatory)

🍃 nourishes hair & skin (contains protein, hydrating & detoxifying elements)

🍃 regulates moods

🍃 treats diabetes

🍃 reduces asthma attacks severity

🍃 helps in better iron absorption

🍃 improves eye health

🍃 reduces blood pressure

🍃 help protect cardiovascular system

Amongst others such as helps treat and prevent cancer


Like any other, if you are to take moringa as supplement or as in its powder form, the risks are:

- overdoing anything is never alright, there should always be a variety in your diet, consult your doctor

- caution with medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid or any medication that needs to be broken down by the liver

- not recommended for pregnant women

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